The World of Beline

Adventure Log #13

Hey, V, I’ve got an elemental stalker! Hah.

While we were battling some Kuatoa, a distortion in the water appeared near me, kinda forming a humanoid shape. Its ‘arms’ shot out at me and then I was constricted, like a second layer of skin. I was able to twist at the right time to get the water pressure to push me out of the constriction, but lo and behold, it appears next to me again. I swear the thing was fixated on me, V.

While that was happening, Kyn was lost. One of the Kuatoa spellcasters used a spell to disintegrate Kyn. In some kind of karma, the staff used for the spell turned against the spellcaster and disintegrated him and the staff itself.

It took a while after that battle to get through the tunnel and into some kind of cave system. Rosie and I were sent to scout ahead a little, but that didn’t turn out so well. We were captured, but didn’t go without a fight. Five against only us two just didn’t work out for us. When we awoke in this cell just a little bit ago, we noticed we had been stripped of all our weapons. Unfortunately there just isn’t much Rosie and I can do until we get out of this cell.


EmeraldKnightR fallenangel127

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