The World of Beline

ADventure Log #14

Boy, that sucked. A battle that I couldn’t really participate in. I tried using some of my spells, but just didn’t do much. Another spellcaster Kuatoa was also making the water rise. Rosie even had to get on my back and shoulders to avoid the possibility of drowning until the rest were able to defeat the Kuatoa in the vicinity.

But after that… treasure! Can’t stay upset when you get treasure, right, V? There was some pretty cool magical items found. Xanis got a wand of magic missiles and Rosie got some boots of striding. Avaleen got a shield and Banri got a ring of jumping. I claimed the pearl of power, and I also got to keep the bag of tricks, which could come in handy in the future.

While we were checking the cave system some more, keeping an eye out for any other Kuatoa that would need to be taken care of, we came across a Flump. I’ll deny it, but cute creature. Plur was its name, and he informed us that there weren’t any other Kuatoa in the vicinity, but there were more with elves of black skin quite some distance from us. Plur offered us a safe place to rest before showing us an exit to the surface, so that’s what we’re doing right now. Resting among many Flumps.


EmeraldKnightR fallenangel127

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