The World of Beline

Adventurer Log 8


Xanis’s Journal, entry #8

the following has been quickly scribbled into the journal

Entered Kragganthur, life draining Undead, animated Dwarf statues, traps magical & poison based, Banri teleported…somewhere?


Shinies, V; lots of shinies. Some will be going to the museum. But some we get to keep! Gold and gems and a new cloak and… other stuff for the museum. And Banri disappeared! He touched this gem on a door and was just gone. I so wanted to try getting that gem also. Xanis was able to cast a spell to locate something in Banri’s possession and we found him. Luckily he was just transported to another part of the ruins. And he brought prezzies with him that he found! Gotta say, like that he disappeared; otherwise I may not have gotten this new cloak that I’m really liking. Rosie got a new pan flute that talks in her head and Xanis got… a girl in his orb? Elimeer (another newbie to the group) got this quiver that holds an abundance. Kinda like a bag of holding. Pretty cool.

Adventurer Log 8
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