The World of Beline

Adventurer's Log #10

Guests of Honor

Xanis’ journal, entry #10

We were invited to the opening celebration for the Kraggenthur Exhibit as guests of honor and we met the dwarf (noble?) Ivgrin Bronzering, who was responsible for the feast at the Grog.

Vyncent Waete was party guarding the King’s proxy, Nasad Zho?. He appeared to recognize us from the time we met on the road.

While chatting with some of the other guests, I heard stories of a new cult (Cult of the Aether) causing trouble in the lands to the south of Lienosea. The others didn’t seem interested in traveling that far for home (need to stay updated on whats going on in the south).


“My Lord you are too clever.” A soft chuckle escapes my lips as I take a sip from my wine glass. A sudden movement of blue silk from the entryway catches my eye. Rosie wearing an immaculate blue dress appears in the door way beaming at the interior of the museum and all its splendor. Within moments the rest of the normal group appears, Ed is conspicuously absent and Kyn is favoring his leg for some odd reason.

“And then the servant stumbled over the bucket and landed in the very filth she was trying to mop up!” Lord and Lady Wesbrin let out burst of laughter. I laugh along with then as I return my attention to to them.

‘’Good help is hard to find these days, for sure. They just don’t have the same motivation like they used to. " I grasp Mara’s hand gently and say, " Just last week our cutter was fitting a customer, a rather shall we say extravagant customer, when the lad struck his finger with the needle. Not only did he ruin the silk he was working with but the client up and fainted right on the spot." The Lord and Lady laugh at the story and Mara and I give a chuckle. “Needless to say he was severely punished for both incidents.” I take another sip of wine and glance off to the side following the group as they are escorted through the museum.

“Now if you’ll excuse us my Lord and Lady, I have just seen an old friend of mine and I do look forward to catching up with them. My Lady wife and I will surely have to have something commissioned for you once we return home. " We both bow and I take Lady Wesbrin’s hand lightly and kiss the back of it before turning and walking away with Mara in tow.

Throughout the rest of the evening Mara and I stay a good distance from the group as we talk with several more Lords and Ladies, marvel at some of the items on display, and dine on the wonderful food and drink. Some time later the head of the museum called for silence as he introduced Nysad Zeouh(?) to speak on befall of the king. Vincent Waete was also in attendance and was the only one sporting a weapon. He eyed Avaleen very closely while he was on the stage. Fear and relief flow through my body as he stares, I am grateful I had the fore thought to come in disguise, don’t need him getting any more help then he already does in finding me if he requires. Nysad and Vincent leave shortly after the speech was finished.

As the night was dying down Rosie, and rather intoxicated Rosie, left with Kyn and Ed. Astarra slipped of of sometime before that. Xanis was still busying dancing with his ball last time I seen. Think the biggest shock was seeing Avaleen leave with one of the dwarven representatives. All in all I think the night finished rather well, it could have been far worse.

Adventurer's Log #10

A gala held with us being the guests of honor because of the artifacts we brought back. I was able to find something formal enough for the party, but something I could still move in if something went down. We all walked over together, except for Banri who said he’d meet us there. He never showed. Was quite uncomfortable most of the night, V.

We overheard some talk about Thanalyn, the kingdom to the south, and problems with a cultist group called Speakers of the Aether. Seems like there may be a future problem arising with this. Only time will tell.

Adventurer's Log #10
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