The World of Beline

Adventurer's Log 9

Nobody expects the Bramorish Inquisition!

Xanis’ Journal, entry 9

Kragganthur was a success! Nobody died, we recovered many dwarven artifacts for the museum, & we found the missing Banri. The blue haired boy found a collection of magical items on corpses of fallen adventurers who fell victim to the same teleportation trap that Banri activated.

*Eric – dwarven hand axe
*Banri – a pair of gloves with shock capabilities
*Avaleen – a Quaal’s Feather Token (whip) and some magical healing salves
*Elemir – a quiver that works similarly to the Bag of Holding lent to us from the museum
*Astarra – Cloak of Protection
*Rosie – a sentient pan flute (I hope so, cause Rosie has started to talking to the instrument)
*Kyn – a pair of Bracers of Defense
*Me – a powerful Magic Missle scroll.

Banri also brought with him, a tiny magical being, Lyvaria. “She” has taken a liking to me and “she” has taken up residence in my focusing orb.

In the final chamber, we came across the Guardian of Kragganthur, a large stone statue of a dwarf that wielded a magical maul. The Guardian asked me (actually all of us, but I’m the only one fluent in the dwarvish language) what was our purpose for being in Kragganthur (which we discovered is the resting place of the Dwarf King Kurak). I truthfully explained our mission for the Bramor Museum and how the relics would help preserve and share Kragganthur history with all of Lienosea. The Guardian let us leave peacefully and rewarded us with his magical maul.


We’re back in Bramor now. And wow, big pay day that quest ended up being. With what the museum paid us, I don’t think I could turn them down in the future even if I wanted to. Unfortunately we came back just in time to witness something to give us nightmares. God I hope I don’t get nightmares.

On a – well, not really brighter note since it was quite serious – we saw Ahram again regarding the Enlightened. It seems that most have reasons pertaining to family to join Ahram. Can’t say I blame them. He’s the closest thing I’ve got to family in this world, besides you, V. I’d do almost anything for him.

The lantern burns at midnight.

And the path is illuminated by its light.

Adventurer's Log 9
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