The World of Beline

Out to break heads.

Eric had waited and listened to the others in the Golden Grog Taproom but stayed silent over most of the days of the investigation of the raise in the taxes. It annoyed him that the family that took him in had to pay more for no reason he could see other then the greed of a pair of guards. However the situation required two things he had never done well. Tact and diplomacy. He was willing to sit back and let the others take the lead until the pair of thieving guards walked in and threatened the family.
That was different. Making sure he had his heavy crossbow and his axes he went to carefully respond to the two guards in his own way. Silently he slipped into the back alley and pulled a cloth up over the lower part of his face to hide his identity and drew up his cloak.
He had learned a lesson from the bear. If the bear tries to eat you and your’s you do not try and talk the bear out of it, you do not sit for tea with the bear, you do not complain to a larger bear. You load your weapon and fire it or swing your blade until the bear is so full of holes the bear does not get up again. Then you cut it’s head off, just to be sure.
To Eric, the threat of the guards seemed more of a ‘bear’ type problem, which meant that it was mostly in his area of expertise for the group. If something/one goes after them he stands between them and the threat as best he can to take the hits and return them until either he’s dead on the ground or the other guy is. It isn’t brilliant, like something a wizard would come up with, sneaky like a rogue might do, musical or imaginative like a bard or holy and healing like a cleric. It’s bloody and it’s mean. Between the way his family died and life on the streets as a child and then a headbreaker for the local criminals, Eric understood bloody and mean.


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