The World of Beline

Adventure's Log -7- Spring

Avaleen came by the set today, seems we have another quest – this time its for the museum that Xanis’ library is associated with. She didn’t tell me much on the way to the Golden Grog’s Taproom, just that she had a vision or something that they would need our help. I guess the museum is paying pretty well so this is a perfect opportunity and exactly what I wanted from these people. When we arrived at the Taproom Avaleen went straight to the bar to get a drink which Rosie went down and got an awful looking wine"?" for her to drink, not sure if Avaleen actually enjoyed it or not to be honest but I wasn’t going to drink anything, would need to stay cleared headed for what is to come. When the three of us went into the back room there were two unfamiliar faces awaiting us along with Eric and Xanis. Half-elven folk from the looks of it, they didn’t say much besides their names and that they were sent here by Ahram, of course he would have a hand in this, toying with more people’s lives. I cannot trust these two, no telling what their true intentions are…

Xanis informed us that we would be looking into some dwarven ruins for the museum, a recently discovered place and they are looking for any artifacts worth note from the ruins. Seems like an easy enough request but no telling what manner of creature could be lurking within the ruins. I pray that Korvon lends me protection and that Vatari guides my hand. We head out the next day, apparently Xanis was able to uncover that this ruin is supposedly some place called Kragganthur. During our travels it seems one of the new comers, Xoel, is rather proficient in nature, her and Avaleen were able to forage for food for us with little problem. I was able to finish the book that Rosie lent me while on the road, this Fineaus Finaggin was a rather adventurous gnome that got into all kinds of trouble, an interesting tale but I doubt any of the deeds he did could be accomplished in real life, I mean defeating a giant in a drinking contest sounds impossible for a little gnome. I was also able to find why Xanis is always staring at his crystal ball, is guess he is able to see glimpses of the future by some sort of magic, I don’t understand how it works but as long as he knows what he is doing that is all that matters.

It had been eight days since leaving Bramor, I hope Lena is alright, night was approaching and we started looking for a place to camp. Out of no where a loud ferocious roar came from within the woods and five large creatures appeared, these beast had faces that resembled owls but their body’s were more bear like. We immediately set into fending ourselves from these beast, the other new comer, Kyn, was struck pretty hard and I thought he was going down for sure but he was able to stay up and defeat the beast that attacked him. On of the creatures got me in the shoulder pretty good but nothing serious, we were able to defeat the creatures without taking any causalities. After that the next day was uneventful, then we seen the ruins, Kragganthur in the distance…

Adventurer's Log - 6 - Spring
Ahram Thorn
Adventurer's Log - 5 - Spring
Seeds of Rebellion

Xanis’ Journal, entry #5

Much to write about and too many exciting things are happening, so here’s a quick recap:

  • Returned a set of chalices (Found in the black wyrmling’s hoard) to an Esseath noble family.
  • Acquired a new spell, Ice Knife and an Air Elemental Gem (also from dragon hoard).
  • Heard rumors of a group of anti-Caelun supporters while in Esseath, they are called the Enlightened.
  • On the outskirts of Bramor, we came across the King’s Hand, Vyncent Waete and a group of Kingsmen cleaning up what appeared to be the latest Enlightened attack against Caelun. We were told to keep quiet about the attack. We saw the symbol of the Enlightened painted on the target carriage.
Adventurer’s Log - 4 - Spring
Enter the Zyxsissk

Xanis’ Journal, entry #4

Dog has led us to the lizardfolk camp, where we were able to locate the missing girl. The lizardfolk appeared to be preparing some sort of sacrifice or feast (Research lizardfolk culture/religion – low priority). Banri, Rosie, & Astarra decided to sneak around and prepare for an ambush, while the rest of us attacked from a distance, flinging spells and bolts.

Everything was going well until the lizardfolk started to shout “Zyxsissk save us!”. From the swamp, a large winged reptile with scales black as night leaped into the camp to help the lizardfolk. All of us quickly realized what was standing before us, a young black dragon the size of pony. The battle was fierce, the lizardfolk were slain and the dragon, Zyxsissk flew away after suffering significant damage.

After freeing the girl, we decided to use the lizardfolk camp as place to camp and recover before making the journey back to Esseath. We thought we defeated all of lizardfolk, but our miscalculation cost us dearly. During the night we were ambushed by a large group of lizardfolk led by some sort of shaman. Dog was slain and Eric and Banri were nearly lost as well. The travel back to town was quiet, as we mourned Dog.

Cheven was over joyed to see his daughter return safely. We are staying Esseath for another day or two before we return to Bramor.

Adventurer’s Log - Swamp Date 3 - Early Spring
Into the Blightfen

Xanis’ Journal, entry #3

I do not like swamps! The Blightfen smells, is wet and dirty, and full of biting insects (Research bug repellents when home). During Trance, my dreams are filled with images of the library, I can smell the scent of musty old books and hear the sounds of pages turning. I long for home, but we have an important task on our hands, the rescue of an Esseath girl. We must not give up.

We were ambushed during the night! Several lizardfolk attacked us while we camped. Luckily we were able to defeat them, but I suffered a horrible wound to my shoulder, I nearly fainted when I was struck by the lizardfolk’s javelin. I fear I may lose my arm (Research amputation). I must remain strong and push on!

Dog remains an invaluable asset to group, as he continues to lead us to the girl.

Adventurerer’s Log - Cart Date 2 - Still Early Spring
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

If you want something. Don’t pray for it. There are dragonmen in the wild and guess what? I’m going after them. To do what? Save a damsel in distress? I’m a geriatric damsel (shut it!) and my distress is wandering around for days and days in the wild. Which is the best outcome. Because we might just encounter slavering beastmen who steal women in the night!

I don’t hope that the farmer’s daughter Lysha is dead. I hope she cooked up this story with some boy who Chevin didn’t approve of, and they ran off. We’ll find them in a few days, despite the hysteria catching in Wywick, and I’ll box their eardrums. Then I’ll do the same to Chevin till he takes in his new son. The old drunk goat is spending all his coin on our rescuing his daughter. What will she come back to then? No farm and not a copper to her family name. Another pair of out of work louts.

Should I have just gone back to Bramor? Yes! These kids are going to get me killed out there in the wild country, this Blightfen. But the kids would have blindly gone out and wandered the wild country. Because in stories they never say anything about bug bites, how disgusting it is traveling through swamps, how your companions stink from days on walking in the heat. Who cares about reality when you imagine yourself the reincarnation of some long dead hero. Don’t think about the dead part either. But I got Dog and he’ll get us to these beasts, hopefully he’ll get us back.

Adventurerer’s Log - Far Date 1 - Early Spring
The beginning

I’m too old for this shit! What possessed me? A grandmother and simple Patron of the Four to go out on the road? I’m not a merchant. I’m not a vagabond to go wandering whichever way the wind blows. The trip to Bramor was bad enough on my tired bones. So I really wish I knew how I ended up here, with this lot?

Who is this lot?

Eric, a jobless lout with no work ethic who goes on and on endlessly about bears. I don’t have much hope of turning him around since the wits in his head wouldn’t fill a thimble, but the Four knows I’ll try. Last thing Lienosea needs is another worthless pest.

The tiefling Astarra is a trial. I’m torn between being forced to watch her at all times, and ignoring her. She cares for naught but herself. Which I’d hold against her but I doubt she’s ever had much in the way of family. If I can keep her out of a dungeon cell long enough she might just be something. Maybe I can marry her off to someone with enough strength to tame her?

Rosie reminds me much of my youngest. She’s brimming with energy, enthusiasm, and not a blink of prudence. Always rabbling about some pirate she must be related too. I do to her what I did to all youths. Nod my head and feign interest until they run out of whatever gibberish they are going on about.

The elf Xanis and Banri the Boy Bard don’t require my constant attention. While Xanis seems to get caught up in Rosie’s stories of heroes and monster slayers, he has a good head on him. Always staring into his Orb is habit I’ll have to break in him. For his own good, socially and so he doesn’t walk off a cliff.

Gods blessings that Banri is with us. While he might get a little invested in right and wrong, he at least thinks of his actions. I can rely on him not to punch the king in the face because he looks like a bear. Or pluck the nose hairs of a dragon on a whim.

Yoked with them and we couldn’t even get to Wywick before trouble started. I talk us past highwaymen (On the King’s roads!) when suddenly the crazy kids are running back for gods know what reasons. Honor? Or just to prove who is the biggest fool. Somehow we lived through it. That somehow? Me with the gods blessing!

Crossbow bolts flying from every direction. Xanis flinging spells like a mad mage. Banri a blur of strange moves that I could never hope to match even in my youth. Eric did seem to know his way around the sword although he was too eager with it. We got our gold back but only one of the rogue’s survived. We should have tried harder for that.


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