A once peaceful and happy Kingdom now ruled by a tyrannical king.

It has been three years since Caelun Herrick took the throne of Lienosea. The means of his acquisition are unknown though many rumors are bandied about in the local alehouses of the capitol city of Bramor. Those rumors range from murder to magic to the possibility that he was, somehow, related to the old king, Jerym Isren. One thing is certain, however; he is nothing like good King Isren was.

Caelun Herrick supports the slave trade, doles out harsh punishments to those who disobey the law or fall behind on their taxes, which are becoming more and more outrageous.

It is evident that the people are unhappy with the current state of affairs, though none of them will speak about it where the King’s agents may overhear. There are grumblings, however, in the alehouses and other more private areas that something must be done.

But what? And, if something were to be done, who would do it?