Braisa Oesisa "The Brass Oasis"

The Brass Oasis or Braisa Oesisa (Bray-sah Oh-e-see-sah) in Thanalenese, is the only territory in the Sultanate that is not ruled by any specific Sanjakbey.

Not even the Sultana holds any influence over this portion of Thanalen.

It is an ancient holy place of the people and, therefore, is not subject to any of the laws or regulations used in the other regions.

Many myths and legends are told about the place. It is said that the Braisa Oesisa is where the great desert nation of Thanalen began, that the sand spread forth from that place to create the land where the resilient Thanalenese now reside at the will of Suraja Ate Tarara da Mahana Saraprasata (Sue-rah-jah Ah-tay Tah-rah-rah dah Mah-hah-nah Sah-rah-prah-sah-tah) or “the Great Guardian of Sun and Sand.”

Passing caravans and other travelers stop to pay respect by leaving offerings for Mahana Saraprasata (The Great Guardian). The offerings vary, greatly, depending upon the amount of respect the individuals or groups wish to show, though it is all relative. None of the stories or myths mention the guardian asking or demanding such gifts. It has simply been done for as long as the scribes in Thanalen have recorded.

They can be simple things made along the journey out of sticks and brush, small trinkets brought from home or purchased along the way, expensive items such as jewelry or precious gems and even magical items.

No one that has lived in Thanalen has ever attempted to steal from the temple, however. They hold the sanctity of the place too high to even attempt it, even the most desperate or unlawful people dare not for fear of divine retribution.

That is not to say that others from ouside of Thanalen have not tried.

Braisa Oesisa "The Brass Oasis"

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